ridge vent

What are eave chutes?

Eave chutes, also called baffles, are a simple device used to help your attic ventilate properly. Eave chutes are very important to keep your soffit vents open so that your attic can ventilate from low to high. Typically homes use soffit vents as the low ventilation point to then ventilate to the top ridge vent (preferred) or gable vents. Attics should have ventilation, therefore we recommend installing eave chutes throughout the attic where soffit vents are located underneath. 

So what does an eave chute do?

  • Allows air to pass through the chute from the soffit vent to the top ventilation spot of the attic
  • Prevents insulation from blocking the soffit vent

What is important to remember when installing an eave chute?

  • Make sure the chute goes down into the soffit, must bend down into the soffit instead of sitting completely flush on the roof line
  • If using blown insulation, block off the eave chute at the base with batt insulation to help keep blown insulation from falling into the soffit

Any blown insulation tips with eave chutes?

  • The top of the eave chute should be above the blown insulation! If the insulation level is above the top of the eave chute, you are now blocking airflow
  • When blowing insulation, it is important to blow insulation from the base of the eave chute
    • Otherwise, an open blow may hit the middle of the eave chute, then swirl down in such a way that does not put insulation at the base. If blown improperly, a large portion of your attic could be un-insulated!

At Sellair, we review every attic to make sure it is ventilated properly. We install eave chutes to best practices, and make sure we blow insulation to fill your attic just right.