Please read a few of our testimonials below. If you are seriously considering Sellair to help with your home's problems, we invite you to contact some of our previous homeowners so you can ask them directly how it was working with us. 

My husband and I recently bought a home near Palmerton, Pa.  The house was two years old.  It is an all electric home and we were experiencing high heating bills.We contacted PP&L and they recommended two companies to help us with an energy audit of our home.  Sellair out of Allentown was one of them.  I can’t tell you enough how happy I was with their professionalism.  They were efficient, timely and reasonable.  I felt that Andres took our house as a challenge and made every effort to find and fix our air leaks in and outside our house.  We also were experiencing an issue with stink bugs and felt both problems could be addressed with proper sealing.  Sellair was able to improve the pressurization of our home by a 35%,  I would highly recommend Sellair.

Brian, Alex P 05/30/2018

"Sellair was professional from day one. Every question was answered in 'layman's' terms. Service was prompt, service was done carefully and cleanliness was exceptional. Very well satisfied!"

Marguerite - 1/30/2015

"The experience with Sellair was completely positive. Andrew and the crew that performed the work were very professional."

Gary - 1/5/2015

"Crew was professional and courteous, respectful of us and our property. Foreman, Nick, was very easy to work with and addressed all questions and concerns promptly and courteously."

Tom - 5/27/2014

"Crew was polite and customer focused. They were efficient in their work process and respectful of surroundings. They prepared the house with material to keep everything clean and left the house cleaner than when they arrived. Nick, the crew chief discussed the job with me including exactly what they were going to do, how they would do it and time frames. He explained the Door Test and results. Both crews on January 30th and 31st were excellent.
Andrew did a great job of selling the service and follow up. I would definitely recommend Sellair to other people."

Donna - 2/7/2014

"This is by far the best company we have ever dealt with! Being a mom of a 5 month old baby and a wife of a kidney donor who recently donated to his father – I have to say the gentlemen that came to do work in the house (Nick, Mark) saved our lives by detecting the gas lead and Carlos sending someone our right away to fix the problem. We are eternally grateful to all of you for your hard work and efforts. God bless you all!"

Suki - 1/6/2014

"Carlos, Andrew, and Mark and his crew were amazing in their demonstrations of expertise, efficiency, meticulous protection of our home and furnishings, and their unfailing friendliness and courtesies. We were completely satisfied with their work and their determination to leave no detail of the task unresolved.

We can recommend Sellair with absolutely no reservations. Call us if you would like more detailed feedback."

Bob and Carmen - 11/2/2013

"Did a home energy survey for me on a rental property with a heat pump producing really high kwhs usage . Very detailed report and great communication in going over findings and answering questions about the issues, priorities and next steps"

Review by a Homeowner in Allentown, PA 01/23/2017

"Andres, Nick, and Omar did a phenomenal job. They were very professional and clearly explained all of the steps involved with the job. They delivered as promised and I give them the highest possible recommendation."

Review by a Homeowner in Bethlehem, PA 02/04/2017