Energy Audits

Why Is an Energy Audit Important?

The main goal of a comprehensive energy audit is to evaluate the use of energy in your home and to identify opportunities to improve it. However, a good energy audit also will also focus on safety, indoor air quality and the integrity of your home. A comprehensive audit from one of Sellair LLC’s BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified auditors will help identify cost-effective improvements that will increase the durability of your home, increase your family’s comfort, and lower your utility costs.

What Is an Energy Audit?

The process will start with you, the home owner, to find out what symptoms you have been experiencing and identify your concerns. Your home’s utility bills and energy usage will be collected and evaluated to provide a snapshot of your home’s consumption.

The assessment includes a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out and top (attic) to bottom (basement/crawlspace). Several diagnostic tests will be conducted which will provide us with more information on how the systems in your home interact with each other. These tests can include: Blower door tests, duct leakage testing, pressure diagnostics, safety and performance tests on HVAC equipment, and back-draft testing on combustion appliances.

Our home energy experts will review the findings and provide you with a report which will include an objective view on the current state of your home. The report will provide a prioritized list of improvements that could be made in order to lower your utility costs.

What are the benefits of making Energy Efficient Improvements?

  • You will get services that typically pay for themselves through energy savings in a few years.
  • In addition to the recurring financial savings, you will also save non-renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Have a more comfortable environment in your home by eliminating drafts and maintain even temperatures around your home.
  • Increase the durability and performance of your home and increasing the value of your investment.

What factors affect the Energy Efficiency of my home?

Rather than focusing on one area of the home, our comprehensive approach treats your house as a system. Modifying one part of your home could have unintended consequences so this global view is critical to ensuring safety, comfort, durability and savings. The main drivers of energy use are:

  • Insulation and Air-Sealing
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Lighting and Appliances
  • Occupant Behavior
  • Local Climate and Weather

What are the Qualifications of a Home Energy Expert?

We understand you want the most qualified contractor in your home.  That is why all of our home energy auditors have been trained and certified by the Building Performance Institute, Inc., which provides industry leading training, skills development, and credentialing for residential energy efficiency professionals.