Protect Your Air Conditioning!

The Problem

Your air conditioning is suffering from cracks in your home. You spend money to cool the air in your home just to have it leak out of the home. 

When the air leaks out of your home, it is replaced with hot air from the attic or outside. That new hot air then has to be air conditioned. This cycle constantly continues, which means that you are uncomfortable in the hot weather and spending more money to air condition your home. 

Below, the yellow is hot air entering the home. Air transfers happen year round unless you air seal your home properly. This typical of many homes, you're not alone!


The Solution

  1. Get an Energy Audit to determine where your home is having problems
  2. With an Energy Audit, tap into rebates where applicable and special 2.99% financing from the state of Pennsylvania 
  3. Air seal and insulate your home for year round benefits of comfort and energy efficiency

Contact us for a free energy consultation. We want to help you make the best decision for your home. Protect your air conditioning today!

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